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30 NOV
Rain drops falling on water in a lake

Rainfall by region: Victoria

Victoria’s Climate Overview: The southerly position of Victoria means that it tends to be cooler and receive more rainfall than other mainland area, yet despite its relatively small size the climate varies noticeably between areas. Sections in the north-west of […]

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19 NOV
Image of Australia and a weather system looming over the east coast

Rain Water Harvesting by area: spotlight on Queensland

Brief Overview of the Rainfall patterns in Queensland: Queensland’s total average rainfall varies quite significantly from year to year and region to region and it’s not unusual to see vastly different weather patterns between decades and areas. These variances are […]

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13 NOV
Rainfall by Region NSW

Rainfall by Region: NSW

Overview of the rainfall patterns of NSW The rainfall patterns in NSW are affected significantly by factors such as ocean winds and the Great Dividing Range (GDR).The majority of NSW is on the Western side of the GDR and is […]

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01 JUL
An image of water drops for a blog

How to Do a Water Usage Audit on your Home

By checking how much water you use in your household, you could identify ways to save up to 40% a year. This article is full of information that will help you to: Conduct a simple water usage audit in your […]

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13 MAY
An image of a Cane Toad in relation to a blog

Water Tanks: The Solution to the Cane Toad vs Dung Beetle Saga?

First there’s the good guy – the African dung beetle – which merrily goes about its business of rolling dung. Then there’s the bad guy – the predatory South American cane toad – that is decimating the dung beetle and […]

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23 APR
An old well of bricks

Every Drop Counts – Water Storage Through The Ages

Ever since mankind started walking upright (and who knows even before) they have had to come up with solutions to carry and store that elixir of life… Water. As a planet we have an abundance of water, but the sad […]

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14 APR
Fire fighting of a wild bush fire

Fire Fighting Water Storage Considerations

Did you know that over 50% of all new sheds do not have a water tank installed! Installation: The installation of water tanks around the house and shed in regional areas allows rural fire fighters to quickly refill their tankers […]

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27 JAN

$20 Million Additional Support Drought Affected Farmers NSW

Rebate and incentive schemes are there to help you financially while you help the environment. In Australia, a major concern for our land and environment is drought. We simply do not have enough water and this is a huge concern, […]

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05 JAN

Bushmans Win A Ute Competition Winner

Bushman Tanks exciting Spring Promotion “Win A Ute Competition” has concluded and the draw has been done and the winner was B&A Holden of Orange NSW. This successful competition saw many entries from all states and hopefully the new water tanks […]

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