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18 APR

Everything You Need To Know About Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is one of the most effective ways to save water and has many benefits for the both individual and environment. When done correctly, the process allows users to collect rainwater that falls on roofs, hard surfaces and runs […]

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25 JAN
close up image of rippling water in a lake

101 Easy & Effective Water Saving Tips

With climate change worsening water shortages, issues surrounding water conservation have reached a critical point. In fact, the water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation), as announced by the World […]

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17 APR
An image of water drops for a blog

How to Do a Water Usage Audit on your Home

By checking how much water you use in your household, you could identify ways to save up to 40% a year. This article is full of information that will help you to: Conduct a simple water usage audit in your […]

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30 MAR
Rain drops falling on water in a lake

Rainfall by region: Victoria

Victoria’s Climate Overview: The southerly position of Victoria means that it tends to be cooler and receive more rainfall than other mainland area, yet despite its relatively small size the climate varies noticeably between areas. Sections in the north-west of […]

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22 MAR
Chemical Test Bottles

Safety first: a guide to chemical storage

Step 1: Identify the chemical Before you can begin finding the right type of chemical storage tank you must first identify the type of chemical which is to be stored and take into account the factors surrounding the nature of […]

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22 MAR
A cream coloured water tank siutated in a paddock with landscape behind it

Managing Australia’s Water Supplies

Originally founded in 1989, Bushmans Tanks is proud to serve New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia, and parts of the Northern Territory. The company’s motto, “Saving Australia’s Water,” stands as a reflection of Bushmans Tanks and the valuable […]

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22 MAR
Water Treatment Tanks in black

Get the right tank for your mine site

With strict regulations in place on Australia’s mining and resources sites, slip ups in chemical and water storage are not an option. Bushmans have introduced new SUNTOUGH tanks, highest quality tanks – built stronger. The proper storage of liquids is […]

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22 MAR
Gas Extraction and Water Treatment Management Tanks

Gas Extraction and Processing Water Management

Waste water management from the gas extraction process is critical for meeting the environmental conditions set by the regulators who control the licensing of gas wells, transportation and processing. To manage waste water effectively there needs to be a series […]

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22 MAR
Chemical and Waste Water Tanks

Critical issue – safe storage of chemicals and waste water onsite

Finding the right storage solution – chemicals and waste water When it comes to the safe storage of toxic chemicals and waste water, the solution has to be correct first time. With stringent Government regulations and potential harmful effects to […]

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