Over the last 34 years, people have asked us many questions – here are some of the more commonly asked questions:

Why would I buy a rainwater tank?

What size tank do I need?

What do I need to do before the tank arrives?

Does the tank come with accessories and fittings?

Do I need state or local government approval to install a rainwater tank?

Where are Bushmans Tanks manufactured?

Can I drink water from my rain water tank?

When can I use water from my rain water tank?

Do I need a pump?

Do I need to cover my pump and protect it from the weather?

What is the guarantee on my rainwater tank?

What type of flexible hose connection do you recommend to ensure my guarantee is validated?

Do I need to have my tank and systems maintained?

Do Bushmans Tanks contain Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA)?

What’s the difference between a water tank & industrial tank?

What range of fittings can be installed?

Which polyethylene is used?

Are Bushmans tanks food contact approved?

Will my tank bulge?

What is the maximum temperature that your tanks are designed to withstand?

Can your Bushmans tank be pressurised?

What is the wall thickness of your tanks?

What chemicals can be stored in Bushmans tanks?

Is venting important?

Are you being offered a written warranty or guarantee?

Will cold temperatures damage my Bushmans tank?

Do poly tanks split at the seams?

Can your Bushmans tank be buried?

How many years will my tank last?

What is a flexible joint?

What is an oxidising agent?

How do you interperate chemical resistance charts?

Are your plastic tanks designed for the Australian sunlight and harsh climate?

Can you paint poly tanks?

A quick summary of some of the handling and installation issues to be aware of.

Also see our water tank FAQs regarding the use of tanks