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Poly Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks Bushmans provide a wide range of water tanks for use in your home, farm or industrial business.…

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Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks

Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks

Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks The key features of the Aqualine galvanised steel tank range is that it is an…

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Industrial Tanks

Industrial Tanks

Browse our extensive range of industrial products and accessories.

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Benefits of Bushmans’ Poly Rainwater Tanks and Tank Products

Bushmans have been manufacturing poly water tanks in Australia since 1989 and have refined their processes to ensure
Bushmans tanks are of superior quality and design.

Bushmans’ poly rainwater tanks and tank products are made from one piece of UV stabilised polyethylene, meaning they are stronger and more durable than tanks made in multiple parts of other materials.

All Bushmans tanks and rainwater tanks comply with Australian standards for drinking water, and food content.

Our products are constantly tested so you can be sure that you’re buying the highest quality water tanks and other tank products.

With water tank sizes ranging from 660 to 46,400 litres, you can rely on Bushman’s to save Australia’s water.

  • Sunsmart® polyethene lasting longer in the sun
  • Tanks designed to last using computer-aided product design
  • Structural engineering analysis so you can be sure your that your water tank will perform in all conditions
  • Thick walls in tank base for added tank strength
  • Robust quality control systems
  • Ultra-sound quality control testing
  • Bushmans built-to-order delivery system using our own delivery trucks and staff

Popular Tank Uses

Find the products best suited to your industry and desired application.

Farming Solutions

Farming Solutions

Bushmans have been supplying rural communities with water tanks and other agricultural products since 1989. We have worked closely with…

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Householder Solutions

Householder Solutions

Bushman Tanks supplies rainwater storage tanks to householders. As every home is different, we offer a wide range of sizes…

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Commercial & Industrial Projects Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Projects Solutions

Bushman Tanks manufactures a wide range of tank sizes and shapes to suit different space and water requirements. The storage…

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Australia's Leading Manufacturer

Bushman Tanks is the leading manufacturer of water tanks, rainwater tanks and industrial tanks in Australia.

Bushmans Purpose – “We provide Australia with high quality and value for money water and bulk storage tanks and related products.”

Our extensive range of products includes quality storage solutions and tank accessories for a variety of different applications in rural, industrial and urban settings.

Our tanks are the product of over 30 years worth of industry experience and are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and requirements. We manufacture our tanks at our own quality-certified plants and pride ourselves on the superior standard and design of all our products. If it’s a Bushmans product, it’s quality you can rely on.

From 1000L to 363 000L, poly tanks to steel, Bushmans have an immense range of water tank sizes and solutions for agricultural, industrial and personal use. Our Poly water tanks range in size from 1,000 litres to 46,400 litres with a round, slimline and modular tank designs. Slimline water tanks are ideal for locations where space is tight. Bushmans Aqualine steel water tank range in size from 22,500 litres through to 363,000 litres. In addition to our tanks, we also offer tanks fittings, pumps and accessories, as well as a selection of agricultural products, such as troughs and feeders. All of Bushmans rainwater tanks are fully approved for potable water.

Bushmans products are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harsh Australian climate. The quality behind the Bushmans name is guaranteed, and we are proud to have maintained our standard of excellence for the last 30 years.

Bushmans’ tanks and products are available across Central and Eastern Australia, with manufacturing plants located in Orange, NSW; Dalby, Southern Queensland; Innisfail, Northern Queensland, Terang, Victoria and Adelaide, South Australia.

Leaders in Saving Australia’s Water.

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Bushmans Summer Cash Back Promotion - 1 December 2019 - 28 February 2020

Summer has arrived! And so have Bushmans Summer Cash Back Promo  

Buy a tank on special and be eligible to claim a cash back. This offer applies to tanks on special that are included in Bushmans Summer Cash Back Promotion*. Find out more here 

The Summer Cash Back Promotion runs between 1 December 2019-28 February 2020. 

*Terms & Conditions apply

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Water Saving Resources

Calculate how much water you could be saving, learn more about water conservation & get your water tank questions answered.

Bushmans Poly Tank Guarantee

Since 1989, we have continuously improved and developed our water tanks and tank products, and we happily stand behind their quality. We offer a 10 year guarantee for all our above-ground water tanks and a 5 year guarantee for Bushmans Industrial products, giving our customers peace of mind.

All Bushman factories are accredited to manufacture tanks to the AS4766 quality standard which means that regular testing is performed on our manufacturing processes, water tanks and tank products. This ensures that only the best products make their way to our customers and stockists.

Due to our stringent quality policies, we rarely have issues with our tanks, but in the unlikely event that something does go wrong – we are here to support and help our customers.

bushmans 10 year guarantee

> Preparing for a delivery and base preparation

To ensure that our tanks live for as long as possible, we have put together a handy
step-by-step installation guide which will be helpful to refer to before your tank is delivered.

The Bushmans Blog

Get the latest news from Bushman's Blog with resources on industry topics, water statistics and special offers.

20 FEB

Cleaning Your Rainwater Tank

Cleaning Your Rainwater Tank: In a similar way that all drinking water is regularly maintained and cleaned, the same applies for rainwater tanks and systems. If you own a water tank, then you probably already know that they require a certain amount of upkeep to ensure that the tank is operating at the optimal level […]

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11 FEB

Rainwater Tank Rebates Are Available

Rainwater Tank Rebates Are Available Government incentives have been used extensively in the past to ease the burden on people in accessing products and services that serve a social/economic goal. These typically come in the form of rebates and grants on certain goods. Water tank rebates have been offered in the past to encourage homeowners […]

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11 DEC

Our Summer Outlook

Our Summer Outlook The Australian summer is renowned across the world for its harshness, and beauty. Australia’s seasons are characterised by its extremes of flooding and drought which are common occurrences throughout the country. The sheer size and location of the Australian continent is indicative of the variety that can be expected in weather as […]

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Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks

Bushmans designs and manufactures a full range of galvanised steel liner tanks under the Aqualine product range. The Aqualine product range features built-on-site galvanised steel water tanks with much larger water storage capacities than our poly tank product range.

The Aqualine range of steel liner tanks feature:

  • Galvanised steel walls and roof
  • Galvanised roof trusses and components
  • A thick food-grade poly liner to hold the water.
  • The corrugated wall design of our steel tanks fits in with Australian country heritage of the traditional galvanised steel sheds.

The key benefit of using Aqualine steel tanks is the higher water storage capacity. Our assortment of steel liner water tanks come in an array of sizes from 22,500L to 363,000L. This makes these tanks highly suitable for a range of different applications. Aqualine tanks can be used in residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial settings with ease. These tanks have been used with great success in the field including farm use, rainwater harvesting and storage, bulk water storage, as well as myriad uses in industrial settings such as oil, gas, mining and resource extraction operations, water treatment systems and stormwater retention and detention.

Our Aqualine water tanks differ from our poly range in that they are not only larger in capacity but they are delivered and assembled on-site by our qualified installers.