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Rainwater tanks from Bushmans are designed and manufactured to the highest standard and are suitable for rural, residential and industrial use. Save water one drop at a time with a Bushmans rainwater tank!

Bushmans are the leading Australian rain water tank manufacturer with over 30 years experience in this industry. Water storage has and continues to be a prominent issue across Australia. With harsh weather conditions and the need to conserve water ever present, it’s time to change how you think about water, and the benefits of rainwater tanks. View our water tank product page here.

Benefits and uses of water storage

  • Supply of water for your garden/to wash your car or to fill the pool
  • Connect to the house mains for use in toilets and washing machines
  • On the farm for storing stock water
  • On industrial sites for worker camps, workshops and general buildings
  • Add value to your home
  • Help you do your bit to save Australia’s water

Selecting a rainwater tank

There are a few key things you need to look at before you purchase a rainwater tank.

  1. What size tank do you need? Calculate here
  2. How much water can you catch?
  3. Where is your rainwater tank going to sit?
  4. What fittings and accessories do you require?
  5. What site preparations need to be undertaken?

Click here for more details on each of these steps.

The installation process

Rainwater tanks are available in many different sizes and colours – Bushmans manufacture 1,000L to 46,400L tanks that are easily installed around the house, by the shed or next to the garage. We have put together a simple and comprehensive installation guide.

Cost efficient poly rainwater tanks

Bushmans original range of rainwater tanks provides you with the most cost-efficient water storage. Made in one piece from our own SUNSMART® UV stabilized polyethylene, you are guaranteed a stronger tank that will live longer.

So many rainwater tank providers – Why Bushmans?

  • More than 30 years of experience in the water tank industry
  • SUNSMART® technology means tougher tanks that last longer
  • Expertise in safe delivery and installation of tanks
  • Highest standard of after sales service
  • 10 year Bushmans guarantee

View the full range of Bushmans rainwater tanks