Why a Bushmans Tank?

Bushmans has invested heavily to ensure our products are of the highest standard and that the level of service, in terms of delivery and after sales service, is outstanding. We have designed our tanks to meet the requirements for household, industrial, agricultural and rural applications.

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Water Tank FAQs

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Installation Guide

The Six Step Bushmans installation guide is a comprehensive guide on how to install a Bushmans Water Tank. To view this guide and for more information visit our webpage ‘Installing Your Tank’

Maintenance of My Tank

Water tanks must be maintained to keep your tank and the water in it clean. The amount of maintenance is periodic and minimal. There are some simple steps that need to be followed;

  • Check the screens to ensure they are in good condition to prevent rodents, birds and other animals, including mosquitoes, from getting inside the tank
  • Minimise organic matter build up by cleaning gutters and down pipes
  • The gutters and screens should be cleaned two to three times per year, depending on the amount of leaf litter and other material around the building. Between big rainfalls, clean gutters and screens. Flush out first flush systems.
  • Clean out sludge in bottom of tank every few years
  • If your tank is contaminated, under no circumstances use kerosene. Kerosene is corrosive to plastic tanks. Avoid other oil based products in plastic rainwater tanks.
  • Use chlorine if you need to kill pathogens.
  • If you buy a used water tank you need ensure you carry out the maintenance prior to using it.

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