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04 DEC

The Tenterfield Fires & Bushmans Aqualine Steel Tanks

The Tenterfield Fires & Bushmans Aqualine Steel Tanks The serene skies over Tenterfield, near the NSW/QLD border, belied the imminent threat of wildfires that swept through the region. In recent weeks, the aerodrome became a battleground for local heroes and […]

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15 NOV

50% Rebate with Bushmans & On Farm Connectivity Rebate Program

The On Farm Connectivity Program implemented by the Australian Government is allocating $30 million from 2023-24 and 2024-25 to empower primary producers engaged in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. This initiative aims to facilitate the adoption of connected machinery and sensor […]

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13 OCT

Outback Climate Smart Home & Bushmans Partnership

Sustainability has become an increasingly more important issue for Australians, shaping our lifestyles and construction practices. The importance of adopting sustainable practices cannot be overstated for Australians in 2023. However, for farmers living in remote areas, embracing sustainability often presents […]

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07 SEP

Introducing Bushmans TankSmart® Tanks – Revolutionising Water Tanks

Bushmans TankSmart® Tanks Bushmans and Agbot™ have partnered to develop Bushmans TankSmart®, an innovative liquid level monitor management solution for the residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. Agbot™ is a leading provider of digital liquid level monitors and Bushmans is a […]

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07 JUL

Tips To Save Water At Home

If you are looking to save water at home and cut some costs, this blog provides some simple tips to help reduce the cost of living and help save water at home. Have you noticed the cost of living increasing […]

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17 MAY

What are Retention/Detention Systems & Why They are Important

DETENTION & RETENTION SYSTEMS  Detention tanks allow a temporary storage of rainwater, so whenever the water tank is full the water will be released slowly through a controlled small outlet into the storm water system. By releasing water slowly this prevents […]

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30 MAR

What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

Water is an essential resource required for many daily activities in households and farms. Whether it’s for drinking, cooking, cleaning or irrigation, having a reliable and consistent water supply is crucial for maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This is […]

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27 MAR

Bushmans Assistance with Eugowra’s Flooding

On the 14th of November 2022, a devastating flood reached Eugowra, 300km west of Sydney. The Bureau of Meteorology graph shows a water peak around 9am, which has been noted to be similar to a tsunami. This has been the […]

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06 MAR

Bushmans Sponsorship of the Dalby Devils JRL Club

Dalby is a town in Queensland with a love for Rugby League. League has been played in town since 1920, growing and becoming a staple in the community. The Dalby Leagues Club is the home of two local Rugby League […]

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