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28 APR

Polyethylene doesn’t deserve it’s bad ‘wrap’

“Circle of Life” – that wonderful opening song from Disney’s Lion King should perhaps be played loudly around factories making polyethylene water tanks. In the same way that capturing and storing rainwater is based on the water cycle in Australia […]

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01 APR

Moody Blues characterises Australia’s weather

Australia and its climate are defined by extremes and the last couple of decades, and indeed recent years, have seen some extraordinary climate events, with the most recent summer being unusually wet and cool. This is in stark contrast to […]

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18 MAR

Time for Rainwater Tank Maintenance

We all know the value of rainwater and the golden practice of catching the raindrops when they fall. Rain harvesting is a practice that is invaluable in Australia, one of the driest continents on earth. A water tank is an […]

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03 FEB

Climate Change: A Challenge for All

According to the United Nations, climate change is the defining issue of our time, even in this time of COVID. Many of the root causes of climate change also increase the risk of future pandemics. In the past century we […]

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18 JAN

We have a winner!

We have a WINNER! Congratulations, Sandra Forrest from Beechworth! Sandra is the lucky winner of a Mitsubishi Triton UTE – the prize in Bushmans & OzPoly’s SPRING PROMOTION 2020*. Great work – congratulations to the team at Ultra Bond Wangaratta […]

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14 DEC

How To Support Australia’s Breadbasket This Summer!

As the holidays and new year approaches, it is sobering to look back on how different a country Australia is compared to this time last year. The extraordinary change to lives of millions of Australians by the COVID-19 has characterised the year […]

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30 NOV

Schools receive Bushmans Junior Landcare grants

Bushmans and Landcare Australia have a strong partnership, and Bushmans are committed to the Bushmans Junior Landcare Grant. This year, over 400 primary and secondary schools in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria were invited to apply for […]

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16 SEP

Water conservation, recycling and rain harvesting

Water conservation, water recycling and rain harvesting are all concepts that are interlinked. What they have in common is that when applied practically, the payoffs are plentiful. Water conservation and water recycling greatly benefits the household budget, the environment and […]

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19 AUG

Bushmans and Landcare Australia’s ongoing partnership

Bushmans are pleased to announce their ongoing commitment to Landcare Australia. The natural synergy between the two organisations has been strengthened from last year, when the partnership was established, the outcomes of the collaboration have gone from strength to strength. […]

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