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16 JAN

Fried eggs and downpours

There is no doubt that the weather was rather moody last year. 2018 seemed to be a record year of sorts with one record after the other being broken. The weather appeared to be all over the place – all […]

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05 DEC

What does watching paint dry and a drought have in common?

Have you ever painted a wall, or anything really, and tried to watch the paint dry? Watching paint dry is a slow process (if you ever do it), which seems to take forever and this is what it is like […]

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03 NOV

A Long, Hot, Dry Summer is on its Way

That Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth – well we all knew that didn’t we? What ‘dry’ means became abundantly clear after this September, as it was the driest September on record yet. Whilst the blaring sun may […]

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22 OCT

Rain – still a scarce phenomenon in 2018 and beyond

Rain drops are falling on my head…this familiar tune has been on everyone lips recently. At least on the east coast of Australia. This may be an unusual melody this time of the year as spring is associated with a […]

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28 SEP

Drought in Australia

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent and droughts are a common occurrence.  Twelve major droughts have been recorded in Australia since 1860. A drought is an unusually long period of rainfall deficiency comparative to past levels, with the drought […]

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13 SEP

Water as a building block for life

Water is found everywhere on earth, from the glaciers and waterfalls of Iceland to the underground water in The Great Artesian Basin in Australia; water is estimated to cover around 70% of the Earth’s surface. Water is an essential component […]

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25 JUN

Why Waste 3.4 Billion Litres of Water Each Day?

Why Waste 3.4 Billion Litres of Water Each Day? We all know that it is good to use our grey matter, and to use grey water is also a good idea. Grey water is however mostly not used and goes […]

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25 MAY

How to Select a Water Tank

Selecting a water tank Saving water for a rainy day (well, actually for a dry sunny day), is a clever idea. This is the first step in the rainwater harvesting process. Rainwater harvesting makes sense and is an excellent way […]

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09 MAY

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting  We all knew that the farmer relies on rain water harvesting, literally for their survival. However, rainwater harvesting offers other significant economic, social and environmental benefits. One of the benefits is that when using rainwater harvesting […]

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