Bushmans Partners with Operation Clean Sweep Australia

Bushmans Partners with Operation Clean Sweep Australia


Bushmans is proud to partner with Operation Clean Sweep Australia. Bushmans mission is to save Australia’s water and to achieve this in a sustainable and ethical way. Bushmans identified the issue that our plastic powder, shavings and pellets could possibly end up in the ocean by travelling down the drains at our facilities and making their way to the ocean. Even the chance of Bushman tanks plastic entering the ocean is not acceptable, which is why we identified and partnered with Operation Clean Sweep Australia.

Operation Clean Sweep was introduced in America in 1992, created by the Plastics Industry Association with the simple mission of containing, reclaiming and/or disposing of plastic pellets properly with an overall goal of zero plastic pellet loss. Since its launch in 1992 the program has been implemented in over 22 locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. The program’s expansion throughout different countries has created an organisation that can provide the necessary tools and resources for businesses to achieve a zero pellet loss goal.

Below is a video by Operation Clean Sweep that explains the organisation and its endeavours.

Operation Clean Sweep’s program aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are 17 goals to transform the world. They are a call for action by all countries to encourage success while being environmentally conscious and sustainable.

These sustainable development goals and operation clean sweeps aligns with the world Bushmans wants to help create. To achieve this, Bushmans has partnered with Operation Clean Sweep, receiving their resources and putting them into action. Each Bushmans facility now has pellet prevention signage up around all departments and plastic audits are now undertaken regularly.  Pictured below is Bushmans Managing Director Chris Glenn conducting an Operation Clean Sweep site audit at our Cavan, SA facility.


A huge step forward for Bushmans to prevent plastic entering our environment was to fit out our drains with plastic catchers. These are a simple and effective solution to stop plastic powder, shavings and pellets from entering our waterways. We have also conducted changes to our delivery procedures and removal of plastic waste procedures to align with Operation Clean Sweep’s zero pellet loss goal. If a facility fails an audit, then procedures will be put into place to rectify the issue/s.

Pictured below is signage that has been put up across all Bushmans facilities to keep the initiative top of mind and to make sure the new procedures are followed to prevent plastics from entering the environment.


These measures to reduce plastic waste are essential to reduce the amount of plastic that is ending up in our environment. Bushmans is dedicated to leading the charge to be a responsible and sustainable plastics’ manufacturer.

If you would like to learn more or sign your business up to Operation Clean Sweep you can visit their website or send them an email at info@opcleansweep.org.au.

Author: Alex