Introducing Bushmans Web Shop

Bushmans has been looking for a way for people to buy quality rainwater tanks online, with just the click of a few buttons. However, it was crucial to include a local reseller in every sale. Bushmans has been manufacturing quality rainwater tanks since 1989 and supporting local communities and businesses across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and parts of NT. Supporting local businesses and communities has been at the core of Bushmans mission, along with saving Australia’s water. Therefore, we felt it was imperative to include a local reseller in every online sale, giving people a sense of community while saving water. 

Bushmans web shop is easy to use and includes a local water tank seller in every sale. This was achieved by providing people with a choice of their local store during the checkout process which means people can buy some of the best quality water tanks online at any time and at the same time support local businesses.  

Bushmans tanks web shop offers high quality water tanks from 1000L to 5000L for sale online. Now it’s easy to buy a water tank online, simply pick a colour, add the water tank to your cart, pick a local water tank seller and checkout.


There are two options when buying a water tank from Bushmans web shop. Bushmans can deliver the tank for a $100 fee or there is also a free click and collect option 


For delivery, Bushmans runs its own fleet of water tank delivery and install specialists, known as Bushmans Customer Care. Bushmans Customer Care delivers water tanks, helps place water tanks and install the fittings. Upon purchasing a brand new rainwater tank people will be prompted to review the delivery requirements, most importantly having adequate people on hand for moving water tanks. Water tanks need to be moved and positioned in a safe manner and having adequate people to assist with moving, rolling and placing a water tank is essential. At the end of the water tank delivery process, Bushmans Customer Care will have helped position and install the fittings on the new water tank. 

Bushmans now also has click and collect water tank hubs located around QLD, NSW, VIC and SA.  This is ideal for people with a ute, 4×4 or a trailer who want to pick up their own water tank from a local water tank seller. Simply, pay a $50 deposit online to secure the order and the remaining balance can be paid on the day the water tank is picked up from a participating Bushmans tanks click and collect seller. Secure the fitted out water tank to your vehicle or trailer and drive away. Click and collect water tanks come pre-fitted  with an overflow and ball valve tap. If people require a custom installation of fittings, they can contact us via email or 1800 008 888 with the custom installation details before or after the purchase. If additional accessories, outlets, or fittings are required with your order, please give us a call to discuss these options.

Water tanks from 1000L to 5000L are suited for residential situations and if you are interested in figuring out what size water tank you need, Bushmans has a handy tool, Bushmans water tank calculator. Answer a few quick questions and Bushmans water tank calculator will provide a guide to how much rainwater you can harvest and an ideal water tank size.

If you are looking to install a rainwater tank at your home or are just looking for general water tank advice, Bushmans has put together a comprehensive guide within Bushmans full product brochure. Bushmans has also put together some videos to help guide people through purchasing a rainwater tank. See links below.

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Do water tanks need to be on a base or stand?
How To Prepare Your Base And Site For A Water Tank

How to prepare for a water tank delivery?
How To Be Ready For Your Water Tank Delivery

How to install a water tank fittings?
How To Manage The Final Installation Steps Of Your New Water Tank 

 You can rest easy with a Bushmans water tank as each water tank comes with an easy fix or replace ten year guarantee and our tanks are made using Bushmans own SunSmart technology, which is a UV stabilised raw material designed to last longer in the harsh Australian sun. This is another reason why Bushmans water tanks are some of the best water tanks for sale in Australia. 

 Whether you are looking to reduce your water bills, harvest a precious resource, secure your fresh water supply or save Australia’s water then check out Bushmans water tanks for sale online today! Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to someone to provide guidance on anything relating to water tanks then call 1800 008 888 Monday and Friday within business hours and one of our friendly water tank professionals will happily help.  

Author: Alex