A Brief History of Bushmans & Landcare Australia Partnership

In 2019, Bushmans began an ongoing partnership with Landcare Australia. Landcare Australia works with Australian regional communities to provide funding and capacity building opportunities for on-the-ground environmental projects. Landcare Australia develops important campaigns that raise awareness about environmental issues and ecological sustainability. They aim to increase participation by stakeholders in regional communities whilst attracting corporate and philanthropic support.

Landcare Australia was formed in 1989 (the same year as Bushmans inception) and has since gone on to support grassroots movements involving over 6,000 groups and 100,000+ volunteers with projects dedicated to sustainable land management and environmental conservation from coast to country. They have worked with all levels of government and agencies with this mission in mind. In Australia, environmental issues are highly prevalent across the country – making the care of land and water extremely important in our communities.

Since Bushmans’ inception, we have shared a similar goal in aiding in Australia’s ecological sustainability – Saving Australia’s Water. The partnership between Landcare Australia and Bushmans made sense. There is a natural synergy between our 2 organisations that we are proud to cultivate.

The first iterance of the partnership took the form of Bushmans donating $20 from every tank special purchase to Landcare Australia during the winter of 2019.  The campaign was a great success culminating with Bushmans donating approximately $50,000 to the Landcare Australia Bushfire & Natural Disaster Recovery program. This was off the back of a devastating bushfire season that affected so many communities across Australia. The fund supported landowners, farmers and wildlife habitats with on-the-ground assistance and initiative in their communities.

The next iterance took the form of a partnership with Junior Landcare. Junior Landcare’s mission is to encourage young people to play an active role in ensuring the safe future for their environment. This partnership uses education institutions as an entrance point. The goal is to teach young people about sustainable agriculture and protecting our rural environments. It also aims to provide insight into the land and environment’s importance, whilst encouraging a sense of ownership and responsibility in the community.

The Bushmans Junior Landcare Grants Program invited schools across Australia to apply for a $1,000 grant to fund an environmental project in their community with a focus on water conservation and sustainability. In 2020, Bushmans funded fifteen schools in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria. The results were excellent!

Check out the video below to see the progress and learning that took place at Henschke Primary.

Another one of the recipients of the grants, the Snowy Mountains Christian School, decided to transform a dry, unusable patch of dirt within the school grounds, into a useable learning area and garden for current and future students.

Bushmans are extremely proud of this partnership that the great works that have been undertaken over the past few years. We look forward to future projects with Landcare Australia.


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