Lending a Helping Hand to an Animal Rescue In Need

At Bushmans, our mission is to Save Australia’s Water. To achieve this mission we pursue many avenues and this sometimes involves giving back to the community! One of our recent projects involved helping an animal rescue in need.

The registered charity organisation and animal rescue, FNQ Foster Farms contacted the Bushmans team initially through social media asking for anything we could supply to help the rescue animals. One of the of FNQ Foster Farms’ members, Sue, walked around 800m every day with buckets of water just to provide rescue horses with fresh drinking water.

FNQ Foster Farms is in Lake Eacham and is an animal rehabilitation/rescue centre that provides a safe place and temporary shelter for animals in need. FNQ Foster Farms specialises in rehabilitation, re-training and re-homing of off-the-track thoroughbreds or horses who were raised to be a racehorse but no longer race. FNQ Foster Farms gives these horses a chance for a new life.

FNQ Foster Farms also looks after smaller animals too such as, pigs, guinea pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, birds and other livestock and wildlife.

FNQ Foster Farms can only operate with the help of generous volunteers and donors. If you would like to do your part and help out FNQ Foster Farms please consider donating, click here to learn more and donate.

Have a look at a day in the life of FNQ Foster Farms with the video below:

Our team thought this was a worthy cause and took it upon ourselves to look after the foster farm and animals. Bushmans’ Far North Queensland team, known as OzPoly took the opportunity to visit the animal rescue to see what we could do to help. Pictured below is Scott Hayward, the Bushmans’ OzPoly Territory Manager for far north Queensland at FNQ Foster Farms.

After the visit, the OzPoly team put together a plan to help Sue and FNQ Foster Farms. To help Sue and the rescue animals we put together a 5000L slimline and three 1000L troughs. The 5000L rainwater tank would be positioned near the horses and would save Sue having to walk down with buckets of water and the troughs would be perfect for animal food and water.

The picture below shows the new tank in place and the distance Sue used to walk each day to get the horses clean drinking water.

The troughs are also being put to good use! One of the troughs is being used for water for the horses and the other two troughs are being used for hay to feed the animals.

Our OzPoly team delivered the tank and troughs and managed to grab a snap of one of our newest supporters wearing a Bushmans’ bucket hat.

Bushmans is proud to be able to give back to the community and help a charity organisation and animals in need. Helping Australians save water is our mission and being able to give a rainwater tank to a charity organisation, help animals in need and save water is above and beyond! However, we always strive to go above and beyond.

If you would like to help out FNQ Foster Farms, please consider donating, learn more and donate.

Author: Alex