Is Rainwater Safe to Drink?


Can you drink rainwater?


Short answer: Yes, but it is recommended to use a filter!

Australians rely on rainwater tanks to harvest one of our most precious resources, fresh water. Roughly 71% of the Earth is covered in water, however only about 4% of that water is fresh water. Because Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, it makes sense that rainwater tanks are prominent and essential in Australia. Australians have used rainwater tanks for a long time as a solution to store and secure a fresh water supply. This can provide peace of mind, knowing that fresh water is on hand.

There have been some alarming news reports that have come out in the past few months claiming that rainwater across most of the earth is unsafe to drink due to contamination of chemicals. The chemicals that are causing concern are synthetic substances called ‘perfluoroalkyl substances’ and ‘polyfluoroalkyl substances’ or ‘PFAS’ for short.  The issue with these PFAS chemicals is that the chemicals remain in the environment for a long time, which is why they have been labelled ‘Forever Chemicals’.

Researchers from Stockholm University have warned that it is imperative that we reduce the use of these PFAS chemicals. You may not realise but PFAS chemicals are likely quite prevalent in your house right now. They are found in plastic packaging, non-stick cookware such as pots and pans, waterproof clothing, household adhesives paints and papers. There are concerns that overexposure to these chemicals can cause health issues. Therefore, it is important to reduce the overall amount of PSAF chemicals being made in the world.

The globalisation and industrialisation of the world has influenced the increase of these chemicals in the air and therefore the clouds and rain. Rainwater also in the collection process becomes contaminated with airborne particles, bacteria from the things on your roof and bacteria from within your gutters and in the rainwater tank itself. All sorts of contaminations can get into your rainwater and rainwater tank. Some of the contaminants include leaf matter, dirt and animal waste, rust and whatever your water meets before and inside your rainwater tank.

The good news is that most dual or reverse osmosis filters have been proven to filter out these PFAS chemicals. Academic studies have been conducted and have concluded that most dual and reverse osmosis filters showed near complete removal of PFAS chemicals. This means, rainwater is perfectly safe to drink with the use of a proper filtration system. A good filtration system is always recommended by Bushmans as water can get contaminated by various bacteria and debris before it gets into your water tank.  Bushmans offers some of the best water filters on the market, which are Puretec water filters. Puretec water filters are some of the highest quality reliable water filters in Australia and Bushmans has these rainwater filters for sale.

There are many benefits to dual and reverse osmosis filters even on mains drinking water. Filters will improve the taste of water and can remove odour from water. Plus, with microplastic and PSAF chemicals on the rise a good filter will remove these from your drinking water. By using a filter microplastics will be removed from your drinking water so you ingest less microplastics and don’t ingest these plastics. This means your waste, which can contain microplastics will not be reintroduced into the oceans. Water filters provide a great solution for drinking water as they remove excess chemicals and can also neutralise viruses and germs in drinking water.

Bushmans offers its own water filter for rainwater tanks.

Bushmans highly recommends using a water filter, not only for rainwater but for all drinking water. Bushmans stands by the quality of Puretec water filters. If you are looking for one for the best rainwater tanks for sale with a high quality filter, Bushmans has you covered as we offer tank and filter packages.  Give Bushmans a call on 1800 008 888 today to talk to a water tank specialist and find out more about high quality rainwater tanks and filter packages for sale.

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Author: Alex