5,000 Litre Domed Squat Rainwater Tank

Bushmans would like to introduce this fantastic 5,000 Litre squat tank, which has been designed in the perfect shape for limited space. This tank has been perfectly designed for places where the rainwater needs to be caught and where the roof line or the eaves are low.

The TXD1200 has an attractive profile and it is made of the strongest material to endure the harsh Australian climate. The TXD1200 rainwater tank is perfect for capturing and storing rainwater for use in the house or around the yard. Coming in a rainbow of expertly mixed COLORBOND® colours, this tank will blend in beautifully with any backdrop ensuring it only adds value to your property.

This tank has been designed and manufactured from raw materials in accordance with AS/NZS 4766 quality standard. It is a durable tank and it has been expertly designed with the customer in mind. You can be sure that you are receiving the best quality water tanks when buying a Bushmans.

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