1,500 Litre Circular Trough

Sheep and smaller livestock require a lower and smaller trough to provide a clean and ready to use source of water.

The total water needs of sheep are moderate but they do vary between summer and winter with the hot summer months increasing the demand for water. Clean water for sheep improves production better reproduction, and health. Often there is a need to have a tank system in place to provide an ongoing supply of water to the trough.

Our 1500 litre trough is specifically designed for sheep and other smaller livestock such as goats. The lower profile allows these stock to easily access the trough.The Bushmans tough and robust design ensures a long life and reliability. It can be easily installed or even moved around the farm in the back of a ute, providing flexibility to the operation.

There is a full range of fittings available that can be added if required. The troughs for sale are made from polyethylene which is light and allows them to be moved around the farm. When it comes to troughs for sheep and smaller animals contact your local Bushmans office on 1800 287 462. If you're specifically located in North Queensland, also check out our water troughs designed for the North QLD climate.