3,800 Litre Tank Bund

Bunds are used to solve situations where there is a loss of liquids and chemicals from tanks and other storage vessels.

The bund’s spill station catches any leakages of liquids and chemicals from a tank or drum. This aids in reducing costs and ensuring environmental protection through preventing the loss of liquids and chemicals.

Bunding tanks and other containers warrants WHS and environmental protection. Often, governments and environmental regulatory authorities legally require bunding. These design requirements are important and should be referred to.

During the emptying and filling process, chemicals can be spilt. Bunds catch these corrosive and toxic chemicals and prevent loss in the unlikely event that the tank or container fails.

Polyethylene bunds prevent the risk of further leakage as they are non-corrosive. The bunds are rectangular shaped, allowing them to fit most industrial storage situations. The solid design ensures a resilient bunded collection system.

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