Aqualine Rural Firefighting Tanks

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Aqualine Rural Fire Fighting Tanks

In areas where there is a high fire danger risk, there are often local council regulations for the storage of water for use by the fire brigade during building and bush fires.

Our Aqualine rural fire fighting tanks come with specific fittings so the local fire brigade to connect straight into the tank. These fittings are commonly called Stortz fittings or couplings.

The benefit of this type of setup is that the local fire brigade will have local or on-site water available for firefighting, in the event of a fire. The brigade’s hoses and fittings connect straight into the fire fittings already installed on the tank.

The importance of adequate water on site cannot be understated. In a number of areas, local councils stipulate the amount of water that must be stored on site and immediately available for firefighting purposes, if required. The amount of water required on site will depend on the location site, size of buildings, land area and the building’s use.

Rural Fire Table

Guidelines for On Site Water Storage for Rural Fire Protection

Note: The tables below are a guideline only and complete specifications for your particular site can be sourced from your local council.

Water Tanks and Fire Storage Tank

Fire water tanks can be dual purpose with a certain amount for water required to be quarantined for firefighting with the rest of the tank water available for domestic and livestock use. Bushmans have a fitting design that only allows a certain level of water to be drawn of for domestic use. For example, if the requirement is for 40,000 litres to be store for firefighting and you have a 110,000-litre tank, then there are 70,000 litres is available for other uses.

State Bases Fittings and Regulations

In the different states there are different types of fittings that the fire brigades use so the it is critically important that you select the right fitting for your state.

  • Victoria – CFA TTPI Coupling
  • South Australia – Stortz Tree or a Policy 14 Manifold
  • New South Wales – FRNSW Compatible Stortz Hose connector
  • Queensland a QLDFS Stortz or QRT male thread

Aqualine Quality

Aqualine fire water storage tanks are designed and built in Australia and our rigorous quality programme ensures all our tanks are made to the highest standards.

We use high quality materials which are made to survive the rigours of the Australian environment.

Deliver and Installed by Team of Installation Specialists

Bushmans have fully train teams of installers who will construct our tanks on site so they comply with the build design and will meet the needs of our customers.

For more information on Aqualine firefighting tanks call Bushmans on 1800 287 462.


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