Manufacturing – National Company – Melbourne


Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the water treatment field.

State VIC



National Company based in Melbourne.

What is Stored?

There are four different products stored in this facility. These are;

  1. BENZOIC ACID 16% in PG
  3. Sodium Hydroxide
  4. Deionised Water


Description of Customer Operations

The customer is a service and assembly operation for a major national heavy duty automotive business. The markets they operate in include automotive, construction, industrial/locomotive, marine mining, oil and gas, and power generation.

They are manufacturers of filtration systems including air, exhaust, diesel emissions, lube, cooling and hydraulic systems.

Description of Tank Application

Bushmans have provided tanks which are used to store chemicals and water. The Chemical tanks are located in a bunded area and are plumbed into the site systems.

Sizes, Type of Tank and Fittings

The tanks sizes are;

  • TT560 – 22500 litres with a 1.5 SG rating
  • T3300 – 1500 litres with a SG1.5SG rating
  • T10500 – 46,500 Litres with a SG1.2 rating

The tanks were manufactured from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) which provide excellent chemical resistance and strength.

Benefits of Bushmans Tank

The tanks provide functional storage vessels which are;

  • Chemical resistant
  • Have the flexibility to be easily installed and connected to the sites operating system
  • The tanks are strong and robust providing secure storage of hazardous chemicals
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