320,000 Litre Aqualine Steel Water Tank

With 320,000 litres of water storage the ASL320 steel tank is ideal for situations that require a large volume of water to be stored. These include rural farms, mining sites, resource projects, storm water management systems and large commercial industrial buildings.  

These large 320,000L steel rainwater tanks include hot dipped galvanised roof trusses ensuring good corrosion protection. Plus, the corrugated walls and roof blend in with most industrial and commercial buildings. There are no sacrificial anodes to be installed and maintained. Aqualine steel tanks do not require anodes, that typically need to be replaced every 5 years. A durable polyethylene liner is used which ensures that the tank remains leak free and meets the AS/NZS4020 potable water standard. This means the 280,000L steel rainwater tank is safe for drinking water. Bushmans does however recommend that a filter is utilised before drinking water from a rainwater tank. 


  • Diameter: 13.78m
  • Height: 2.83m
  • Wall Height: 2.22m

The materials used to make the ASL320, 320,000 litre tank are of the highest quality, and this coupled with Aqualine’s stringent quality systems ensure our steel tanks are always manufactured to a high standard. Complete with a galvanised external access ladder, geotextile base, lockable access manhole, leaf strainer, 100mm overflow, 50mm outlet and metal ball valve the ASL320 once erected  is ready for plumbing and water storage.

Aqualine steel tanks come standard with a galvanised finish. However, if you prefer a Colorbond® colour, these are available for the ASL320, 320,000 litre water tank. The steel rainwater tank ASL320, 320,000L is assembled on site by Aqualine’s skilled installation team.

If you are interested in buying a 320,000L Aqualine water tank, or if you wish to enquire about the price, please fill out a contact form on the right-hand side. One of our friendly water tank professionals will then assist with the price, cost of delivery, accessories for sale, size and any other questions that you may have. If you would prefer, give us a call, Monday to Friday during business hours and we will be available to assist straight away.

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