364 Litre Lick Trough

Bushmans 364 litre lick trough is perfect for the managing the wide range of supplementary feed that farmers use to get the best production form their livestock.

These troughs will help to get the best out of the investment in supplementary lick products.The types of livestock feed supplements that farmers use vary and include loose licks as well as block licks. The Bushmans lick trough is used for loose licks and are ideal in managing the daily or weekly intake of these supplements.

The Bushmans lick trough can be used for water, feed (grain), molasses and other liquids fed to livestock. They are ideal for grain and mixed feeds. The lick trough has simple but has a strong and robust design. Most farms are tough environments and the strength of the trough is important to make sure it lasts.

It is light and easy to move around the farm and if you wish to use it with water then there are fittings available including float valve and cover.Your local Bushmans Office can be contacted on 1800 287 462 and they will provide more information on the Bushmans lick trough.