1,320 Litre Circular Trough

The Bushmans 1320 litre circular trough is ideal for cattle, horses and other larger livestock. The use of round troughs are popular with farmers as clean water is essential for livestock at all times.

Clean water is needed for growth, lactation, reproduction, digestion, nutrient use and general animal good health. With the use of troughs there are none of the issues of bogging and contamination that are prevalent in earthen dams. A Bushmans water trough supports the supply of clean water and our troughs are a rugged design and able to cope with the rigours of cattle and other livestock.

Fittings which can be easily added and this includes a float cover, float and float valve and additional outlets. The troughs are light and easy to move around the property which means you can move them closer to feed sources. The plastic material is resistant to rust and corrosion that is experienced with steel troughs. Our troughs are available from your local Bushmans stockist and if you need more information please call the local office on 1800 287 462.