30,000 Litre Domed Molasses Tank

If you need  molasses storage the Bushmans’ TXDM6500 30,000 litre domed molasses tank will do the job. It provides safe storage and the molasses is ready to be used to increase the productivity of stock.

As an energy supplement molasses is one of the most cost effective products available. Molasses helps with the palatability of dry feed, provides extra energy, high in nutrients and easy to use. Storage on farm is key and molasses lends itself to simple storage solutions. Additionally it has the flexibility to be mixed with other products to further enhance its value.

This includes mixing with urea. All this results in better stock in dryer times. The key to good storage is no leaks and a longer life. Bushmans prides itself on having over 30 years of experience in manufacturing tanks. Our experience paired with the reliable performance of our products are demonstrating the benefits of a Bushman’s tank.

All our molasses tanks are engineered to carry the load of a product that is around 1.5 times the weight of water. The engineers’ are designing our tanks with thicker walls so that they can carry the additional weight. Installed with the tank is a vented lid, 3” outlet and it can be delivered to farm ready to use.For more information on Bushmans’ Molasses tanks call 1800 287 462 or visit your local Bushmans’ office or stockist.