22,500 Litre Domed Poleless Molasses Tank

The 22,500 litre Bushmans TS5000 molasses tank stores high value molasses which is used to supplement dry feed, resulting in improved productivity from the feed that is available. When it comes to feed supplements molasses is one of the best products used for improving the production of cattle and other ruminant animals. This is a very cost effective product, especially when you are located near a sugar processing plant.

The key attributes of molasses include palatability, nutrient content, the price per unit of energy, flexibility in use, and the simplicity of storage and handling. Molasses offer flexibility in how it is used as it can be mixed with other supplements including protein meal and urea. The ability to keep stock strong during tough times is one of the advantages of molasses. With over 30 years in the Australian tank market, Bushman Tanks have stood the test of time.

The engineered design and fittings used on our molasses tanks prevent leaks and offer quality over the long term. Molasses are significantly heavier than water (approx. 1.5 times) and therefore Bushmans have designed the molasses tanks to carry this weight. They come ready made including a vented lid and 3” outlet and Bushmans deliver to farm. For more information on Bushmans’ Molasses tanks call 1800 287 462 or visit your local Bushmans’ office or stockist.