10,000 Litre Storm Water Tank

TT2300 The Bushmans TT2300 is a 10000 litre tall stormwater tank which is ideal for large sites. The tall design provides excellent storage capacity, are priced reasonably, and are well suited to rural properties or large town blocks.

Local and state authorities have begun to require tenants and owners to catch and manage their rain water run-off. This is being done in an attempt to reduce the amounts of debris and sediment entering water systems. Bushmans storm water tanks are a very effective product in collecting and managing storm waters. Our tanks can take water from hard stand areas as well as buildings.

The TT2300 can be set up as either a retention storm water tank, meaning it keeps part of the storm water collected, or as a detention tank, meaning that all the water is expelled over time from the tank.

The TT2300 is manufactured according to the AS/NZS4766 tank standards and produced in Bushmans own facilities throughout rural Australia. Each tank can be fitted different to match each sites particular needs.

For more information on the TT2300 Stormwater Tanks call Bushmans on 1300 373 392 or fill the enquiry form out below.