5,000 Litre Molasses Tank

The Bushmans’ TM1100 Molasses Tank is a 5000 litre tank that is designed to store and dispense molasses to livestock, enabling the stock to make better utilisation of dry feed.

Molasses is a very cost effective energy supplement available for cattle and other ruminant animals in areas close to sugar mills. The real benefits of molasses includes palatability to stock, low cost per unit of energy, nutrient content, flexibility as a supplement and ease of storage and handling.

Molasses can be mixed with urea, with or without protein meal, and addresses protein deficiencies, whilst supplying energy. One of the key benefits is that stock remain stronger for longer during dry times. Bushmans’ molasses tanks dispense and store molasses on farm.

The tanks are designed with specialised and robust fittings to minimise the risk of leakages and to ensure a long product life. Bushmans has been manufacturing molasses tanks for over 20 years and our molasses tanks are proven in the field. The design of our molasses tanks include thick walls which allows the safe storage of molasses, which are 1.5 times heavier than water.

Our tanks come with a vented lid, 3” outlet and can be delivered to farm, ready to use.For more information on Bushmans Molasses tanks call 1800 287 462 or visit your local Bushmans office or stockist.