Product Specification and Maintenance

This section of the Bushmans Industrial Tanks site includes:

Product Specification Overview

Tank selection is built around the specifications of the products or liquids that are to be stored. The information below provides information to help with the selection of the right tank for a particular application. We recommend that you discuss your specific chemical storage needs with a Bushmans sales consultant to ensure you select the correct chemical tank design that best suits your application.

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Operation of the Tank in a safe location

When considering the location of your Bushmans industrial tank it is important that all issues are considered to ensure it is suited to the application and that it meets all the regulatory requirements. The information below will help in selecting the right site.

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Use and Service of the Tank

The use and service of a tank will determine the type of tank selected along with the expected service life and service conditions.  The information below supports decisions around design and tank selection.

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Annual Chemical Tank Inspection Checklist

Maintaining your tank is important in ensuring that the optimum life of the tank is achieved and that the risk of any unexpected leaks is reduced.

Even relatively new polyethylene tanks should receive routine and careful visual inspections. These inspection guidelines should be followed at least annually to ensure the safety of personnel and the preservation of the chemical stored.

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