Operate the Tank in a safe location

When locating your Bushmans industrial tank it is important that all issues are considered to ensure the location is suited to the application and that it meets all the regulatory requirements.

The information below will help select the right site.

  • Locate the tank wisely. Some items to consider are: secondary containment; locating the tank in a flood plain; locating a tank in an area where seismic or wind forces may be experienced. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure location requirements have been taken into consideration.
  • Check for all local, State and National regulations that may apply to the tank installation. A thorough evaluation of the proposed tank location prior to tank installation is recommended.
  • Minimal employee and equipment traffic near tank
  • Safe distance away from other equipment that may generate heat or flames
  • Ease of future maintenance and inspection
  • Consider the ability to remove and replace tank cost effectively in the future. (Do not “trap” tank in building or by other equipment)
  • Incorporate chemical manufacturer’s “best practices” for product being stored.
  • Provide flat, level, and smooth monolithic foundation adequate for weight of chemical to be stored.
  • Utilise secondary containment of proper size and chemical resistance to comply with local, state, and National regulations.
  • Place valves as close to tank as possible.
  • Be sure valves can be easily accessed.
  • Utilise flexible connections to allow tank to expand and contract and for protection from pump vibration. Refer Bushmans guide Flexible Connections.
  • Adequately support valves, piping, and hoses.
  • Use guards, shields, barriers, and walkways to protect tank, fittings, and piping from damage by impact and to protect personnel from chemical release.
  • Vent tanks to prevent pressure or vacuum.
  • When storing contents at temperatures continually in excess of 23°C, confirm that the tank was designed to manage your elevated liquid temperatures. Contact a Bushmans sales consultant to discuss – Freecall 1300 373 392. Any application with a continuous service temperature above 40C is not recommended for polyethylene tanks