Tannic acid

Specify the correct chemical tank brand. A chemical tank that has been proven to be the best overall for the storage of Tannic acid. Bushmans can design and construct a chemical storage tank to handle your Tannic acid. One that you can depend on.

We recommend chemical tank colours that are opaque, using a base polyethylene that has achieved a hoop design basis of 8.62Mpa and meets the material requirements of the AS4766 Chemical Tank standard. BUSHMANS provides a comprehensive 5 year industrial guarantee for storage of Tannic acid at ambient temperatures.

If you expect your service temperature for Tannic acid to constantly be above 23C, please inform us of your detailed service conditions, and we can confirm if this can still be safely handled.

BUSHMANS proven chemical tank design will be able to manage the Tannic acid, as long as the tank is installed correctly. It requires the correct venting and fitting solutions and there must be no external mechanical stresses. For example, pipe work can cause stresses on the tank walls.

BUSHMANS have over 30 years experience manufacturing storage tanks. This is important when you need to be sure of the long term performance of your chemical tank.

Users need to confirm the chemical concentration and the liquid Specific Gravity to ensure that the correct design is offered for your Tannic acid storage tank solution.

Author: Bushman Tanks

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