Sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate Chemical Resistance Information

BUSHMANS industrial chemical tanks have the capability to store Sodium benzoate under certain conditions. This capability is based on laboratory evaluations of chemical resistance on polyethylene which has been undertaken by our raw material suppliers. These evaluations are conducted in the absence of internal pressure and external mechanical stress.

Important information for storing Sodium benzoate

BUSHMANS industrial chemical tanks have their physical properties and chemical resistance evaluated at the standard service temperature of 23C. If the service conditions of the Sodium benzoate contents within the tank are in excess of this temperature, advise your BUSHMANS consultant.

BUSHMANS have had over 30 years experience manufacturing storage tanks within Australia. This is important when you need to be sure of the long term performance of your tank in the tough Australian conditions.

Choosing the most suitable tank for storage of Sodium benzoate

It is important that users confirm the concentration of Sodium benzoate and the Specific Gravity of the Sodium benzoate to ensure that the correct industrial tank design is offered for your liquid storage solution.

Elevated chemical liquid temperatures (above 23C) will potentially create a more aggressive environment for the Sodium benzoate to attack or absorb into the polyethylene, which can reduce its performance.

To ensure maximum service life for your tank flexible connections with fittings that allow for lateral and vertical expansion and contraction of the tank during service are required on the lower third of the side wall.

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