Cupric sulphate

Cupric sulphate Chemical Resistance Information

Bushmans manufacture polyethylene storage tanks that are able to store many chemicals. Bushmans chemical tanks are suitable to store Cupric sulphate under certain conditions.

BUSHMANS chemical properties are evaluated and tested to the international standard service temperature of 23C. If the liquid within the tank is expected to exceed this service temperature, you must inform your BUSHMANS consultant to allow us to design a specific solution for your applications service conditions.

Users need to advise us the chemical concentration and the liquid Specific Gravity to ensure that the correct tank design is offered for Cupric sulphate storage.

Bushmans have over 30 years experience making storage tanks. This is an important factor to give you the secure knowledge that we actually provide you long term performance for your Cupric sulphate tank.

Bushmans’ proven tank design will be able to manage the Cupric sulphate, as long as the tank is installed correctly. It requires the correct venting and fitting solutions and there must be no external mechanical stresses. For example, pipe work can cause stresses on the tank walls.

Don’t let the wrong tank design or wrong raw material leave you open to chemical attack.

Author: Bushman Tanks

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