Calcium hydroxide

An opportunity to minimise the risks associated with the storage and handling of dangerous chemicals in tanks is to have an industrial storage tank with the design, construction and installation to meet the appropriate Australian Standards. Guidance on the installation of tanks for Calcium hydroxide solution can be found in AS3780: Storage and handling of corrosive substances.

BUSHMANS dangerous chemical tank design will be able to manage the Calcium hydroxide, as long as the tank is installed without and internal or external mechanical stresses. For example, pipe work can cause stresses on the tank walls, which must be avoided for long service life.

The plastic that BUSHMANS uses is an advanced generation linear polyethylene material that is one of the most inert plastics available. BUSHMANS only uses the best material, for the whole tank – providing maximum strength, and chemical resistance.

BUSHMANS provides a full and comprehensive industrial guarantee for storage of Calcium hydroxide at ambient temperatures.

If the Calcium hydroxide within the tank is expected to exceed 23C advise your BUSHMANS consultant, to determine a custom designed solution for your specific use.

Bushmans require users to confirm the chemical concentration and the Specific Gravity of the Calcium hydroxide to ensure that the correct tank design is offered for your liquid storage solution.

Author: Bushman Tanks