Yaktek Liquidator Level Indicator Gauge (Large Tanks)

This level gauge was developed to meet the needs of applications where fertiliser and other chemicals are stored. Once developed it has also become popular with water tank installations.

Operating on the same system as the Levetator gauge, the Liquidator also uses a vertical guide tube. The indicator slides up and down on the outside of the tube while the counterweight is contained it. The polyethylene float is the only part in contact with the liquid, and therefore this reduces the risk of corrosion as the tank gauge does not come into contact with any chemicals.

As the Liquidator is compatible with a wide range of liquids including sodium silicate, waste oil, waste water, effluent, molasses, wine, olive oil, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. Liquidator liquid level indicators are often used on fertiliser storage tanks, also swimming pool hypo and backwash tanks.

The Liquidator is an accurate gauge and has graduations that can be marked on or beside the guide tube for accurate measurement.

The Liquidator is ideal for exposed sites as the guide tube aluminium indicator isn’t affected by wind or other disturbances. True Reading

The true-reading Liquidator eliminates the possibility of confusion by employees – what you see is what you have. Graduations can be marked on or beside the guide tube for accurate measurement.

Exposed Sites

“Captive” on the guide tube, the diecast aluminium indicator isn’t bothered by wind or other disturbances.