90mm x 90° Bushmans Overflow Assembly Kit

The Bushmans 90mm by 90-degree tank overflow outlet is designed to connect the tank to the overflow pipe which directs the excess water away from the bottom of the tank. The overflow is made with a mesh screen that prevents mosquitos entering the tank and using the tank as a breeding ground. A flap screen is an optional extra and is fitted to the tank to further insect proof the rainwater tank.

The tank overflow outlet is built for flat walled poly tanks and this enables the tank to hold approximately 120mm of additional water before overflowing.

The ripple geometry comb on the '90° Bend High Level Flanged Tank Overflow Outlet' facilitates the speeding up of the overflow volume.  The combed circumference “breaks” the water surface and generates a higher outflow. This is great when a high rainfall event occurs.

Overflow Features and Benefits

  • Made from lead free PVC
  • Low maintenance
  • Flanged outlet has pre-moulded holes for fixing
  • Quick and easy installation

Installation Instructions - To fit tank outlets, simply screw onto the tank wall.

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