30,000L TankSmart® Satellite

Bushmans large 30,000 litre TankSmart® powered by Agbot™ is a innovation on the traditional water tank. TankSmart® offers a way to remotely monitor your water tank levels via satellite and smartphone. 

The 30,000 litre TankSmart® combines a round poly water tank with a massive 30,000 litres of water storage capacity with a smart monitoring device to provide you with a simple and efficient way to monitor your water levels via smartphone. The Satellite Agbot™ is combined with a water tank which offers connectivity using a low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite network to read the amount of liquid stored inside your rainwater tank. The satellite TankSmart® can be used anywhere in Australia thanks to the satellite connectivity. 

With Bushmans TankSmart® Satellite powered by Agbot™, you get the best of both products:

A 30,000 litre water tank with large volume to store rainwater with the following dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3.95m
  •  Inlet Height: 2.71m
  • Total Height: 3.08m

 The smart monitoring device allows you to:

  •  Monitor your 30,000 litre water tank levels from anywhere in Australia via the Bushmans app on your smartphone. The satellite version works anywhere in Australia, even in the most remote and isolated locations
  • Get readings directly via smartphone up to 4 times a day, this allows you to take action whenever the rainwater level is low
  • Save time and money by using your water more efficiently and saving manual trips out to check water storage levels
  • Safeguard your livestock and crops from water shortages by understanding your water storage usage and analytics

TankSmart® satellite is an excellent option for farmers or rural Australians who spend time each day checking their tank levels. Some Australians even drive hours to check these levels for livestock or crops. TankSmart®removes the hassle and creates a simple and effective way to remotely monitor your liquid storage anywhere in Australia. The TankSmart® satellite monitoring device comes with a 7 year battery life and has been built to withstand Australian weather conditions. Plus, Bushmans poly water tanks are designed to be tough in the face of Australian weather. 

 The TankSmart® satellite can create peace of mind, save time and money and provide insights into water usage via analytics. If you are looking to reduce trips to check water levels or just want a water tank of the future consider giving us a call today on 1800 008 888. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form and one of Bushmans friendly water tank professionals will be in touch to answer any questions you may have such as price, dimensions, delivery and additional accessories for sale.