25,000L TankSmart® Satellite

Bushmans large 25,000 litre TankSmart® powered by Agbot™ is a revolutionary way to remotely monitor your water tank levels.  By combining the traditional round poly water tank with a large 25,000 litre liquid storage capacity and a smart water level monitoring device you get the water tank of the future. The TankSmart® satellite device integrated with the water tank uses a low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite network to read the amount of liquid stored inside your rainwater tank.

 With Bushmans TankSmart® Satellite powered by Agbot™, you get the best of both products:

 A Bushmans 25,000 litre water tank with a large volume to store rainwater with the following dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3.78m
  • Inlet Height: 2.42m
  • Total Height: 2.79m

 An Agbot monitoring device, which allows you to:

  • Monitor the 25,000 litre water tank levels from anywhere in Australia via the Bushmans app on your smartphone. The satellite TankSmart® works anywhere in Australia, even the most remote stations and properties will be able to utilise the TankSmart® satellite. 
  • Receive readings directly to your smartphone up to 4 times a day, so you can take action whenever the rainwater level is low
  • Set your own custom thresholds to be alerted when the water storage level breaches these thresholds 
  •   Save money on water bills by using your water more efficiently
  •  Save time by not having to manually check water levels
  • Protect your crops and livestock from water shortages

 The round poly 25,000 litre TankSmart® water tank’s monitoring device has an excellent 7 year battery life. It also has been designed to accommodate Australia’s extreme hot and cold weather. Plus, Bushmans water tanks are manufactured using a UV stabilised polyethylene, which means they last longer in the harsh Australian weather conditions. 

The 25,000 litre water tank has a 3.08m diameter, 1.55m inlet height with a 1.81m total height. Besides the large storage capacity the TankSmart® Satellite offers you:

  • Strong and durable design at a competitive price point
  • Intuitive and easy to use app that helps you manage and monitor your rainwater storage
  • Set up custom alerts to be notified when your water tank level breaches a specified threshold

 Order your 25,000 litre Bushmans TankSmart® powered by Agbot™ today by calling 1800 287 462. One of Bushmans water tank professionals will provide you with more information about this water tank, such as its dimensions, price, additional accessories for sale and delivery information. Alternatively, fill out a contact form and our sales professionals will be in touch. Take your water tank and rainwater harvesting system to the next level with Bushmans TankSmart®.