25,000 Litre Domed Round Fertiliser Tank

The Bushman’s TXD5500 fertiliser tanks provides 25,000 litres of storage for a range of liquid fertilisers. The TXD5500 is robust, simple, and easy to fill and empty.

Liquid fertilisers are a very popular form of fertiliser used by farmers due to the flexibility of application. Fertilisers provide crucial nutrients such as nitrogen and trace elements along with many other nutrients to crops during growing seasons. Fertilisers are becoming more expensive, therefore, a robust, high-quality tank is crucial for protecting the farmer’s investment in these products. If fertiliser leaks or there is a tank failure, there can be a serious environmental hazard and potential cost imposed by authorities for clean-up of leaked fertiliser.

Bushman’s has been manufacturing fertiliser tanks for farmers for over 20 years. This means our tanks have stood the test of time. Our fertiliser tanks are specifically designed and built to store liquid fertilisers and dispense liquid fertilisers. Liquid fertiliser is a heavier liquid than water, which requires a specifically designed tank to carry the heavier product load. Fertilisers are usually highly corrosive and the fittings that are used need to be non-corrosive to ensure the fittings do not corrode and fail.

Bushman’s 25,000 litre fertiliser tank comes in 2 models:
• The Base Model Tank which includes heavy duty industrial tank, industrial level gauge, compatible camlock inlet and outlet, overflow, and vented cap.
• The Premier Tank Model comes complete with a heavy duty industrial tank, a fully welded riser pipe for easy filling, stainless steel industrial level gauge, fertiliser compatible camlock inlet and outlet fittings, overflow, and vented lid.
• Each model comes with a choice of 50mm (2”) or 65mm (3”) outlets.