2,400 Litre Water Treatment Tank

The TS540WTT is a 2400 litre tank made to store water being used in water treatment systems.

Safe water treatment systems often require tanks to be able to store both clean and contaminated water. Bushmans provides a large range of water treatment tank options to suit the needs of your site.

It is important for water treatment systems to be able to safely store untreated, treated and grey water.

The TS540WTT water treatment tank is engineered to the AS/NZS4766 tanks standard and is made in Bushmans own quality certified factories.

BUSHMANS have been producing tanks since 1989 and this understanding provides you with the relief that our products have been tested in the field extensively. BUSHMANS water treatment tanks can be custom-made to fit a particular plant or process ensuring the best solution for the plants operation.

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