10,000 Litre Molasses Tank

The use of molasses as a feed supplement is extensive as it adds to the feed value. The Bushmans 10,000 litre TM2300 is an ideal solution to store and dispense molasses.

When it comes to the dry season, molasses is an ideal feed supplement for ruminant animals such as cattle as it enables better conversion of dry feed into weight gain and growth. Molasses have the benefits of being relatively low cost due to its high energy content. Other such benefits include flexibility, excellent nutritional value and the convenience of being easy to store and handle.

Other advantages to the use of molasses is that they can be mixed with additional supplements such as urea and protein meal resulting in maximisation of production; molasses are commonly used as an energy supplement. In dry times stock will continue to grow using molasses.

When storing and dispensing molasses on the farm there is not only a need for a strong tank but also reliable fittings that reduce the risk of leakages and ensure a long life of the tank. Bushmans have over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing molasses tanks and they are proven in the field.

Molasses are 1.5 times heavier than water requiring the walls of the tank to be over 50% thicker to hold the weight. Our molasses tanks are equipped with a vented lid to release air during hot weather and a 3” outlet. Bushmans deliver straight to farm with the tank ready to use.

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