1,200 Litre Water Treatment Tank

The T260WTT is a 1200 litre water treatment tank for use in water treatment systems.

To ensure maximum water treatment safety, tanks must be able to be efficiently integrated into water treatment processes and safely store both polluted and clean water. Bushmans have an array of water treatment tank options to suit your treatment systems and facilities.

Bushmans water treatment tanks can safely store treated, untreated and grey water, making them ideal for various water treatment processes.

The TT260WTT water treatment tank is produced in Bushmans very own manufacturing facilities and is designed to match the AS/NZS4766 tank standards.

Bushmans have been making tanks since 1989 amassing in an experience that makes our product a safe reliable option. Our tanks can be customised to fit the varying needs of individual sites and plants treatment systems.

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