5,000 Litre Industrial Water Tank

The Bushmans TT1100 Industrial tank is built for tough industrial conditions and can be used in water treatment systems, factories and mine sites. The TT1100 is appropriate for storing chemicals and waste water.

The TT1100 can be used in a wide range of circumstances for the storage of water and other liquids being used in particular manufacturing processes. Our industrial tanks can also store a number of chemicals including corrosive ones. See our chemical compatibility section.

The quality of the TT1100 is guaranteed by being manufactured to the stringent AS/NZS4766 tank standard. Our tanks are produced in Bushmans quality certified facilities using the latest Bushmans Sunsmart® technology that increases tank life giving greater value to the product.

When integrating the tank into an industrial process, Bushmans offers an array of attachments and fittings in a wide range of sizes to provide a solution that best fits the customer’s operational requirements.

For more information on Bushmans TT1100 Industrial tank call on 1300 373 392 or email your local Bushmans service centre.