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3,800 Litre Tank Bund

Industrial Tank Bund 3800 Litres
3 L
1.55 m
1.85 m
1.85 m


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6,000 Litre Tank Bund

Black Industrial Bund 6000L
6 L
1.35 m
2.59 m
2.59 m


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Industrial Bunds

Companies which store chemicals and other potentially harmful or dangerous substances must be exceptionally careful about containing leaks and spills.

A leakage or spill exposes the safety of a company’s employees and poses a real risk to the environment. The company may be exposed to hefty fines and/or clean-up fees. For this reason, installing a chemical storage bund through a bunded storage tank is often a necessity as it mitigates the risks and provides invaluable peace of mind. Think of an industrial bund being an insurance policy for whatever liquid you are storing. The types of liquids that can be caught in a bunded storage tank include chemicals, fuel, fertilisers and wastewater. Click here for a copy of our Chemical Resistance Chart.

Bunding and bunded storage tanks are terms used to describe a tank or an area around a tank that are designed to hold liquid in the event of the failure of a tank. This provides invaluable chemical spill control in the unlikely event of a leak or spill. Typically, most bunds are designed to hold 110% of the liquid stored in a tank.

Bunds are also often required to meet both environmental and occupational health and safety standards. Traditionally, concrete was used as bunding, but Bushmans provides high-quality polyethylene plastic bunds which create a safe and cost-effective way of providing spill containment without the cost of concrete.

Industries that require bunded storage tanks are typically businesses and operations who need to store a liquid that will be hazardous to people and/or the environment. If your company deals with substances other than water, installing a polyethylene plastic bund is the cost-effective and quality-guaranteed way to avoid risking fines, damage to property, clean-up fees, environmental damage and health and safety risk. To ensure the best results with plastic bunded tanks, it is important to keep the bund clear of any dirt or rubbish along with removing and disposing of any accumulation of water that may occur.

Industries that may require a bunded storage tank include chemical manufacture and distribution, manufacturing, mining and resource extraction, transport and repair workshops. Our bunded storage tanks are highly resistant to corrosion and provide the flexibility of being easy to install and easy to move, if required.

With over 30 years of providing storage solutions to Australian tank industries, Bushmans have the experience and know-how to ensure hazardous liquids and chemicals are stored safely.

Our Bushmans bunding experts will guide you through the essentials for your particular project and help you find the perfect bunding solution for your needs. Options are also available for higher and lower wall heights to suit each individual’s requirements.

For more information on industrial tanks and bunded chemical tanks, go to our FAQ section. This provides useful information on how to maximise the service life of your tank.

Bushmans operate in the areas of VIC, SA, NT, QLD and NSW and have facilities in each of these states to provide fast efficient service.

Contact us online or give one of our qualified consultants a call today to find the perfect bunded storage tank solution for you.



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