Aqualine Commercial Firefighting Water Tanks

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Aqualine Commercial Fire Water Storage Tanks

Bushmans has a full range of Aqualine fire water storage tanks which can be used as a water sprinkler storage tank or for a fire Hydrant installation.

Designed to Comply with Fire Industry Tank Standards

Bushmans Aqualine range of fire water storage tanks are Australian made, guaranteeing a high-quality tank. This tank complies with the AS2304 standard for fire tank design and conforms with the design parameters for use in an AS2419 fire system.

Aqualine Fire Water Storage Tanks

Bushmans design and build their Aqualine tanks to the highest quality standards, making sure all components will stand the test of time. As a specialist tank manufacturer since 1989 we have the best design support and experience in providing products that meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

Fire Protection Standards

Our Aqualine Fire Water Storage tanks are designed and manufactured to meet the Australian fire standards. This includes systems such as fire hydrants, automatic sprinklers and fire hose set ups.

AS2304: Water storage tanks for fire protection systems is the Australian standard for the design and manufacture of water tanks for fire protection systems. These tanks are designed to meet the rigorous requirements for firefighting water supply.

AS2419.1: Fire hydrant installations System design, installation and commissioning is the standard for fire systems used in commercial, industrial and large scale residential and health related buildings.

Our Aqualine tanks are suitable for use in these systems. When fire tanks and fire systems are installed it is important that all the designed requirements are covered, and this includes water sources and the quality of water. Note: Bushmans Aqualine Tanks meet the AS2118 and 2419 standard however there may be additional specific state and local government requirements that have to be complied with for approval. Check with your local government authorities for any specific requirements.

Commercial and Mining Industry Professionals

Bushmans has had many years of experience in working in the industrial and commercial industries. This experience allows us to work with our customers to design the best tank to suit their specific needs. This includes large scale projects in the mining and resource sector, major infrastructure sites such as water plants and road infrastructure and commercial operations in manufacturing and distribution.Our service includes engineered designs and drawings, fully documented project management, work health and safety systems and environmental standards.

Bushmans Customer Service

Bushmans customer service is a core part of what we do, and we have structured our business around ensuring we can provide our customers with great products, expert design and seamless product delivery.Call Bushmans now on 1800 287 462 and speak to one of our professionals.


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