Barrangaroo, NSW


Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the water treatment field.

State NSW




What Product Is Stored?

The tanks store and process contaminated ground water generated from the decommissioned gas works site and stormwater runoff from the current construction site.

Description of Customer Operations

Australia’s largest urban development which has had over 170 years of contamination and is now being cleaned up so it is ready for construction.

The customer is treating the contaminated water and extracting the hazardous chemicals from the water prior to discharging the clean water back to the environment.

This is a construction site and all runoff water has to be treated and cleaned of any chemical contamination and other impurities such as silt prior to the water being discharged to the environment.

Description of what the tank is used for (What process is it in):

The tanks form an integral part of the water treatment facility as they are used to store contaminated water pre-treatment. The tanks form an integral part of the treatment process with custom designed equipment integrated inside the tanks, through to the holding of the clean water prior to discharge back into the environment.

What Size and SG rated Tank is installed:

There are over 70 tanks on site and range in size from 1500 litres through to 46,400 litres. The SG rating on these tanks vary from 1.2 to 2.0 depending on which part of the operation and process they are installed in.

Description of the benefits of the Bushmans Tank to this customer:

One of the benefits to the customer was Bushmans was able to work closely with the customer to design each tank so they fitted into the overall water treatment system design. This included integrating the water treatment equipment into the tank structure.

Bushmans had the capability and experience to design and build tanks and fittings that met the customer requirements.

Bushmans provided detailed documentation and drawings to ensure the tanks were built to the required specifications. The customer was then able to incorporate the drawings into the overall plant design.

Bushmans was able to manage the demanding delivery requirements which included delivering tanks to the centre of Sydney between 12-00 am and

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Additional safety and hygiene measures have been implemented.