Rainwater Tank Rebates Are Available

Rainwater Tank Rebates Are Available

Government incentives have been used extensively in the past to ease the burden on people in accessing products and services that serve a social/economic goal. These typically come in the form of rebates and grants on certain goods. Water tank rebates have been offered in the past to encourage homeowners to purchase a rainwater tank in an effort to take pressure off the water table, save on water bills and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

The most common rainwater tank government rebates are offered by local councils. It definitely pays to do your research into whether your local council offers tank rebates. You can check out some of the available rainwater tank rebates on offer here – note that your council may not be listed so be sure to check yourself. Your local council may offer financial incentives to assist in the purchase of a rainwater tank and may offer further financial incentive if you choose to plumb your tank to your homes toilet or washing machine.

Take the Orange City Council for example, rebates offered start at $100 for people who install a smaller (20004999 litre) tank rising to $250 for larger tanks over 5000 litres in size. An extra $500 is available for people who have their tank connected internally for use including toilets and washing machines.

However, surprisingly only eight residents and businesses have claimed a rebate of up to $750 for installing a water tank in Orange this financial year. Despite the drought conditions in the region, these figures show even less people claimed the rebate the previous financial year. Orange mayor, Cr Reg Kidd says, “You’d be surprised how much you would have got off the storm the other night”, “I’d be encouraging people to ask council about tank rebates.” Rebates can only be claimed once the tank has been paid for and installed.

Orange City councillor Stephen Nugent installed rainwater tanks eight years ago, had them connected to his toilets and washing machine and was able to claim the rebate. His family of four at the time used 126 kilolitres a year and cut it to 62 kilolitres a year after the tanks were installed. While the savings have been less during the recent dry period, he has still been able to cap usage at 105 kilolitres. “I certainly would recommend it, it has made a difference,” he said.

Bushmans Tanks have recently launched a Drought Resources Hub on their website which contains extensive information on the current drought. There you can find information about rebates and grants on offer, including the new On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme.

Be sure to check with your local council for any available rainwater tank rebates.

Author: H Lindholm