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S/W Slopes and Riverina

Young Water Tanks
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Young, the cherry capital of Australia, is a town in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales. Located approximately 370km from Sydney NSW, Young is mid-sized town specifically in the Hilltops Region. The town has a long history of mining and agriculture, both industries that lend themselves to the use of water tanks and bulk water storage. In fact, Young, New South Wales and the surrounding region features the greatest difference between summer and winter temperatures than any other in Australia. This makes Young the ideal place to own a rainwater tank for harvesting. With wet winters and relatively dry summers, one could fill their water tank in the winter, and use the water when they need it in the summer. 

In Young NSW, there are a variety of different water tank models that Bushmans would usually install in the area. Because of the mix of both larger agricultural properties and smaller residential properties – one would find an array of different rainwater tanks deployed throughout Young. In the larger agricultural dwellings in outer Young, you will find both large Bushmans Aqualine steel water tanks and an array of high quality Bushmans poly tanks. Within the Young metro area and surrounding suburbs, the residential dwellings here tend to have less space for use and therefore require a smaller water tank. Bushmans supplies a number of excellent small water tanks with sizes ranging from 1000 litres to 10000 litres – in various shapes. Often in these residential areas where space is a concern, customers will often opt for our range of premium slimline water tanks.  

All of Bushmans water tanks that you will find around Young NSW are manufactured from our accredited factory in Orange NSW. They are delivered directly to our customers or our vast network of resellers. They are manufactured in one piece using a technique called rotomoulding. The polyethylene raw material that goes into ever tank is UV rated and food grade. This means that the water is safe to drink and won’t be any nasty chemical taste.  

 The climate in Young lends itself to agriculture. In Young and the surrounding South West Slopes region, the climate is mild and generally warm and temperate. There is plenty of rain, even in the driest months. Bushmans tanks that are delivered to this region are designed and manufactured with the climate in mind. Every Bushmans rainwater tank includes our own proprietary Sunsmart® raw material. Sunsmart® technology coupled with Bushmans advanced manufacturing and layering technologies is part of Bushmans ongoing quest to improve our products. This means that rainwater tanks in Young can stand the test of time, and are specifically made to perform in the harsh Australian climate.  

 At Bushmans, a 10-Year Guarantee is offered on all tanks meaning that you can rest easy knowing your water is safe. If you are looking for a Bushmans tank distributor in the Young area, check out our list of Bushmans resellers. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to call Bushmans on 1800 287 462.

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