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Gatton is a town located in the Lockyer Valley of South East Queensland, Australia.

The climate in Gatton is warm with mild winters. Most rainfall comes in Summer, however rainfall is present even the driest months.

Overall, rainfall in Gatton averages 851 mm per year. The driest month is August, with 30 mm of rain, and the wettest is January, with an average of 124 mm.

Superior Irrigation Services – Irrigation Gatton is your go-to distributor for all products concerning irrigation and water. This retail outlet sells Bushmans poly water rain tanks in a range of sizes and shapes.

Bushmans tanks are manufactured in one piece and are made of a material – Sunsmart® – that resist deterioration from the sun – perfect for the QLD climate.

Superior Irrigation Services have more than 25 years experience in the irrigation industry and are more than able – and happy – to help you with your water and irrigation needs.


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