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Need a high quality water tank in Singleton, New South Wales? Look no further as Bushmans supplies some of the best rainwater tanks to Singleton, NSW. Bushmans rainwater tanks are some of the best looking and designed water tanks available in Singleton and Australia. Singleton is 200 kilometres north of Sydney, New South Wales and is located on the banks of the Hunter River. This means reducing stormwater runoff can help the local community. Whether you’re in Sydney or Singleton a rainwater tank is a great solution to reduce your water bills and stormwater runoff.

Bushmans is Australian owned and the poly water tanks are all made in Australia and from the finest materials. The water tanks are manufactured with BPA free plastic, which is also completely recyclable.

Bushmans has high quality slimline rain water tanks for sale in Singleton, New South Wales. It is hard to beat the style and design of a Bushmans slimline water tank. Bushmans slimline poly tanks are a perfect fit for any residential home. The thin and narrow water tanks are an efficient way to maximise your rainwater harvesting capacity. The slim and space efficient rain water tanks range from the small 660 litre to the large 5000 litre slimline tank. If 5000 litres is not large enough, the slimline water tanks can be linked to increase your rain water harvesting capacity.

Alternatively, if space is not a concern or if the water tank is for a farm, Bushmans has some fantastic round poly tanks for sale in Singleton. The plastic poly water tanks are durable and come with a ten year guarantee. The round poly rainwater tanks range from 1000 litres to the large 46,400 litre, which means there is a solution for nearly all situations. If you need an even larger water tank for a farm or rural property in Singleton, Bushmans manufactures Aqualine steel tanks. Aqualine steel tanks are Bushmans premium range of galvanised steel tanks that range from 20,000 litres to the massive 360,000 litres. Bushmans manufactures Aqualine tanks in Queensland and are delivered to Bushmans facilities across Australia.

Bushmans also offers a huge range of industrial solutions. Bushmans has industrial tank specialists at each facility to help businesses with storage solutions, such as storage tanks for chemicals, molasses, fertilisers and chlorine.


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