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Rainbow Water Tanks
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

In need of a water tank in Rainbow? Bushmans has a large range of water tank solutions for  sale with free delivery to Rainbow, Victoria! Rainbow VIC, is located to the south of the Victorian Mallee, and is part of the grain belt. Rainbow is surrounded by deserts. The nearby Lake Albacutya has not been filled with water since 1975 and the surrounding desert experiences harsh weather conditions. This is why it is important to secure your water supply in Rainbow, Victoria. A high quality rainwater tank can create peace of mind by knowing you have secured your water supply.  

Bushman Tanks offers a large range of water tanks and storage solutions! Our tanks have stood the test of time since 1989 helping Australians harvest our scarce rainwater. Whether it’s for the farm, residential, industrial or commercial purposes Bushmans has a water tank solution for any situation.

If you are looking for a poly slimline rainwater tank for your home in Rainbow, look no further! Bushmans has a large range of high quality slimline water tanks for sale. 

Bushmans slimline water tanks range from the small 660L to the large 5000L and are manufactured in Australia from BPA free plastic. All Bushman Tanks are manufactured from Bushmans Sunsmart® technology, which is an improved raw material that creates a stronger water tank that can last longer in the extreme Australian weather. Also, all Bushman Tanks are made from fully recyclable plastic!

Or if you are a manufacturer in need of industrial solutions Bushmans Industrial can provide you a fully customised solution. Our Industrial staff are highly trained and work closely with farmers, businesses and manufacturers to provide a wide range of storage solutions, such as, molasses tanks, fertiliser tanks, chemical tanks, chlorine tanks and many more! All our Industrial solutions are made in Australia and designed and built to meet your requirements and provide a solution for your situation. 

Need a larger water tank? Bushman Tanks offer Aqualine steel tanks! Our premium steel tanks are manufactured in Australia and erected by our professional installers on site. This means Aqualine steel tanks can be installed indoors or in those hard to reach places. The steel tank sizes range from 20,000L to the massive 360,000L!

Whether you are in Rainbow or Melbourne, Bushmans has a tank solution for you. Bushmans supports a large range of resellers in Rainbow, Melbourne and Eastern Australia! Therefore, purchasing a Bushmans tank helps support a local business in your area.

Bushmans friendly staff are happy to answer any questions so feel free to call us on 1800 008 888 or fill out a contact form today!


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