Nutrien Ag Solutions Goondiwindi

Lot 2 Wilson Court, Goondiwind QLD 4390

Darling Downs

Nutrien Ag Solutions Goondiwindi
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Goondiwindi is an Australian farming town in QLD, near the New South Wales border.

Goondiwindi gets 637 mm of rainfall annually, and is generally warm and temperate. The driest months are June/July, and the wettest and hottest month is January, averaging 79 mm of rain and 26.6 °C.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Goondiwindi is a rural supplier retailing products for stock and agricultural needs. They are also a supplier of water products and sell Bushmans rainwater tanks.

Bushman poly water tanks come in an array of shapes and sizes that are suited to both the professional farmer as well as the hobby farmer and households.

Bushmans water tanks are made from a robust material – Sunsmart® – making them ideal for the warm and sunny climate in Goondiwindi.

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